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Proactive & Solution Focused Therapy

Therapy designed to gain insight and empower you to take actions towards mental health.

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  • Alex Ramirez

    Marriage & Family Therapist Associate, AMFT

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  • Professional Guidance

    Welcome to RAMA, a website where I share and showcase family therapy services and resources. I put together this website for those who are on the path to mental recovery and are seeking helpful knowledge on how to deal with unfortunate situations.

    I offer online therapy sessions where we discuss and solve the mental hiccups that intrude our daily life. I provide psychological counseling but I also share tools and techniques that travel with you whenever you need them most. More about my therapy resources below.

Proactive Process Sessions

Achieving A
Healthy Thought Process

Process based solutions in dealing with mental breakdowns.

  • Anxiety Process Therapy

    We practice researched based interventions to overcome Anxiety.

    Anxiety Therapy Sessions

  • For Individuals with Anxiety

    Process Therapeutic Session

    For individuals dealing with Panic Attacks, Anxiety, OCD and Phobias.

    Therapy that allows for each individual to have a support system, learn how others manage anxiety, triggers and coping skills.

    Anxiety Focus Therapies

    • Fundamental of cognitive behavior.

    • Dysfunctional thinking.

    • Challenge thoughts.

    • Acceptance rather than resistance.

    • Physical Symptoms.

    • Situations, mood, emotions and behavior (everyday life).

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  • RAMA | Marriage & Family Therapy, LMFT

  • Rama Family Therapy Center offers support by providing you CBT anxiety reduction strategies to break free of Panic Attacks, Social Anxiety, and Phobias.